Privacy Policies

The company 鈥淏BG DIGITAL CONSULTING SAC鈥 which for the purposes of this document will be understood as BIG BANG GROUP, domiciled at Jr Yungay 450 Department 203, Magdalena District- Department of Lima- Peru, thanks for its interest in the digital platform http: / / and other related websites. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to understand our policy related to how we collect information from visitors and those who register on this digital platform and, also, regarding the use we make of such information. Please carefully read each portion or page of the digital platform. Certain portions or pages of the digital platform may contain changes to the Privacy Statement applicable to the use that you give to that portion or page. For example, certain applications may request additional information from you.


1.1.- When someone visits the digital platform, our server automatically collects information that allows the digital platform to communicate with the visitor’s computer. We also collect information such as the number of visits to the digital platform, what part of the digital platform were visited, IP address (the Internet address assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider), date and time. We use this type of information for statistical purposes that help us order and manage the digital platform. This type of information does not contain personal information that allows us to identify or locate the visitor.

1.2.- Privacy considerations focus on the issue of personal information, that is, information that could identify a specific individual by name, address, email, and phone number. If during your visit you personalize the digital platform, fill out a form, request something or participate in a contest or provide other information, you may be giving us personal information. We may collect and use that personal information to provide you with a consultancy or service, to charge you for a consultancy or service that you request, to inform you of consultancies and services that we create that may be of interest to you, or to contact you about any other reason.

1.3.- This Privacy Policy establishes the terms in which it uses and protects the information that is provided by its CLIENTS, CONSULTANTS and TRAINERS when using the digital platform. We are committed to the security of the data of our clients, consultants and trainers. When we ask you to fill in the personal information fields with which you can be identified, we do so ensuring that it will only be used in accordance with the terms of this document. However, this Privacy Policy may change over time or be updated so we recommend and we emphasize continually reviewing this page to ensure that you agree with such changes.


2.1.- Our digital platform uses information in order to provide the best possible service, particularly to keep a record of clients, consultants and trainers, improve our consultancies, and services. Prior authorization, your personal data will be registered in our information bank, for an indefinite time or until you exercise any of the rights provided for in Law 29733, Law on Protection of Personal Data.

2.2.- Also, when you enter information into one of our forms on the digital platform, by which you register for a consultancy; register for some training, or require information by any of the services of the BIG BANG GROUP website, your personal data will be registered in our information bank, for an indefinite time or until you exercise any of the rights provided for in Law 29733, with the purpose of:

  1. Answer your doubts, claims and suggestions
  2. Generate statistics or historical information, in anonymized or dissociated form; and
  3. To comply with the obligations generated by the contractual and non-contractual links generated with the owner of personal data.
  4. Communicate to your public of interest commercial information about your business, your goods and services, according to the consent obtained from the Owner of personal data.

  5. Comply with your legal obligations as contracting consultants and / or trainers.
  6. Carry out due diligence and business risk management activities.
  7. Supply the Personal Data to third parties, in Peru or abroad, with which BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. have a contractual relationship and that it is necessary to deliver it for the fulfillment of the contracted object. For example, you can use third parties, such as consultants, to develop a project, collect your payments, operate our customer service systems.
  8. Automatically complete the documents associated with the transactions made by the registered client, or the consultant, or the trainer; depending on the services used or the services offered.
  9. Develop commercial actions or post-sale services, of a general nature or directed personally to the registered client, aimed at improving your experience as a client through the Communication Channels.
  10. Keep the Personal Data Holder informed about the process of developing the services through the Communication Channels.
  11. International Transfers of Personal Data, we make sure to adopt the necessary measures before transferring them BIG BANG GROUP transfers Personal Data, inside or outside the company, only if it is justified for business purposes and there are security measures that guarantee that the Personal data will have at least the same level of protection required in the country of origin.
  12. In general, comply with any activity related to your condition as a client of the BIG BANG GROUP digital platform.
  13. The treatment of personal data for the above purposes, and for any other lawful purpose other than those mentioned above, is duly informed to the Holders of personal data, requiring specific authorization according to the relevant public of interest, in compliance with the principle of consent, with the exceptions provided for in the Personal Data Protection Regulations


With the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, the client gives his consent for the Personal Data to be processed for an indefinite period, and as long as he does not request its cancellation or revoke this authorization, for the following additional purposes:

  1. Send the client commercial, promotional and / or advertising information regarding the consultancies and / or services provided by BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. through the digital platform BIG BANG GROUP, as well as carry out commercial prospecting. Contact may be made through the following means: call centers, telephone call systems, sending text messages to cell phones or mass electronic messages.
  2. Store and process Personal Data for statistical and / or historical purposes.
  3. Receive news, advertising and / or commercial promotions from BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING SAC, which offers through its digital platform BIG BANG GROUP, and which will be sent by email, whatsapp, sms and / or phone calls, the personal data that is obtained as a consequence of the subscription through collection points

BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. makes available to users means to revoke their consent through a mechanism to withdraw their consent and stop receiving advertising messages. Thus, in the event that the user wishes to withdraw this authorization, they must send a message to the email: indicating their desire to withdraw their consent and stop receiving advertising messages.


After registration and for processing payment to consultants, or trainers, we will collect the following “payment details”: bank account number / bank classification code or IBAN, BIC, account holder name, tax number.

These payment data will only be collected, saved and used by us for billing transactions and payment of fees to which the consultants or trainers are entitled in accordance with the regulations of the contract between BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. and THE CONSULTANT; This can review, change or delete this data in your user profile at any time, under Law 29733, Law on Protection of Personal Data.


3.1.-BIG BANG GROUP does not sell, disclose or distribute your personal information to third parties in order to allow them to promote their products or services. However, our company BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. Through its digital platform BIG BANG GROUP you can directly process personal data or you can hire third parties to carry out its activities, which can be found inside or outside of Peru. BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. And these third parties have adopted the necessary security, technical, legal and organizational measures to protect their personal data.

BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C; In the use of its digital platform, BIG BANG GROUP is highly committed to fulfill the commitment to keep your information secure. We use the most advanced systems and constantly update them to ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


At any time you can restrict the collection or use of personal information that is provided to our digital platform. Whenever you are asked to fill out a form, such as registration, consultant registration, you can check or uncheck the option to receive information by email. In case you have checked the option to receive our blog or advertising you can cancel it at any time.


BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. holds the ownership of this digital platform. All the industrial and intellectual property rights on this Internet platform are legally reserved, so access to or use by the user must not be considered, in any way, as the granting of any license to use or right over any asset.

Users of the digital platform may only make private, personal or professional use of its contents. The use of the digital platform or any of its elements for commercial or illegal purposes is absolutely prohibited. No acts of reproduction, modification, distribution or public communication of the digital platform may be carried out without the prior written consent of BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.AC.


This digital platform may contain links to WEB sites that BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C does not own, control or maintain. We cannot be held responsible for their privacy policies or practices and we do not represent or guarantee the privacy policy of those websites. Similarly, we are not responsible for the policies or practices of any website from which you connected to our website. We recommend that you check the privacy policy of other websites and contact the operator if you have any questions or concerns


BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. does not seek any type of sensitive information from visitors to the digital platform BIG BANG GROUP; unless they are legally required to do so, for example, in connection with the recruitment or contract of consultants or trainers.


BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C guarantees the exercise of your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition contained in the Personal Data Protection Law, Law 29733, and its Regulations, Supreme Decree 003-2013-JUS. To do this, you can send a free communication to the following email:


Users must maintain respect when using this contact channel. If you do not maintain respectful communication, BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.AC. reserves the right to report or suspend registration or services to violators. The information and data provided are completely confidential. All conversations are stored


If you choose to visit the BIG BANG GROUP digital platform, your visit and any privacy dispute are subject to this Privacy Statement and our General Conditions of Use, including any limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes and the application of the provisions of law. We reserve the right to change this statement at any time, without notice except in the cases stated here.


Your purchase of consultancies and services on the digital platform BIG BANG GROUP, owned by the company BBG DIGITAL CONSULTING S.A.C. It is fully protected and safe, thanks to our SSL Extended Validation certification. You will be able to verify that we have the SSL EV security standard and that the service works with encrypted data transmission, verified identity and malicious code analysis.


Version of July 2, 2020